Cardcloud is an online business card service with apps attached to it. With a Cardcloud account cards will be synced across apps and can be accessed via the web too. The main principle is to create a card with your contact data and share this card with other Cardcloud users either through their nice & clean website/web app or with one of the beautiful multi-platform apps.

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PowerBubble from Boy-Coy is one of the most beautiful spirit level apps you can find on Android. It obviously makes good use of the accelerometer built into most Android devices and uses a good looking brushed metal visual theme.

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The LinkedIn app for Android always had nice visuals and recently they completely overhauled the app. For those not knowing LinkedIn, it’s a business-related social network connecting you with people you’ve worked with professionally or who want to work with you.

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Freshly released is GigBeat, a music concert app helping you find shows from your favorite artists using your music library. The app has just the right combination of beautiful custom UI elements, icons and standard Android elements paired with custom typography. And it works exceptionally well.

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Read It Later


Read It Later is a web service you can send web articles to for, well, reading them later. You can access your saved articles in an optimized reading view in various ways. Besides a web app they have good looking native apps for nearly all smartphone systems including Android.

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The Mission & The Rules


There’s now an About page where I’ve outlined some basic rules for the app selection process on Exquisite Droid. You’ll also find contact informations and some loose goals I’m trying to achieve with this site. And for the geeks there’s a short colophon at the end. Have a look.

Hybrid Stopwatch & Timer


There really is no shortage on stopwatch apps in the Android Market, currently you find 1.142 results. But there are very few apps which don’t follow just a plain list based design. The Hybrid Stopwatch and Timer app from Javier Salmona is a remarkable exception and presents a beautiful icon, interface & works really well.

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Do It (Tomorrow)

Do it (Tomorrow) teaser

Do it (Tomorrow) by Adylitica is a super simple task management app. Instead of giving you a plethora of features like other ToDo apps there’re only two screens, each one being a task list: today and tomorrow. It sports a skeumorphic design by resembling a text notebook, complete with coffee stains.

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Gowalla Start

Gowalla is a location based social network similar to Foursquare but with a strong focus on clean and beautiful interfaces. The spots you checkin to are represented by gorgeous icons called stamps and a lot of places got their unique stamps. By checking into spots you collect those stamps and you’re additionally rewarded with pins. Another feature is the creation of trips, which allows you to combine several spots into a trip your friends can complete. Overall it’s a fun and playful approach to a location based network. And the Android app looks beautiful too.

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